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Dairy Free Loose

Dairy Free Loose

If you don’t need your slices packaged and have an air tight container you can store them in, the loose variety are for you.

The Dairy Free Slice is also gluten and wheat free, has a base of 80% nuts and seeds (no peanuts) which include 20% almonds a nut that is high in protein, full of nutrients and high in fibre what a great start to a healthy muesli slice.

Dried fruits are our next ingredient which includes Red hill apple, wild fig, apricot, cranberries and coconut  and  top that off with chia and sesame seeds.

Mix that all together with raw honey from Pure Peninsula Honey, nuttelex rice flour and a very small amount of brown sugar to bind it all together.

Our muesli slices have a six months useby date either kept in fridge or pantry

To see the full list of ingredients please check the nutritional panel section on the home page.



    We offer a Flat Rate Shipping Cost of $10.95 Australia Wide

    Free Delivery for orders over $40 

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